Tuesday, July 26, 2022

K-drama: Magic

K-drama is full of magic, that which we cannot explain. And this is useful because so much of life is beyond comprehension. the magic takes many forms, from the North Korean shaman who risks imprisonment to commune with spirits on behalf of her clients to the mathematical genius king who travels among universes to stand up to evil.  

Magic might be saving a boy and losing a year of school, which you share with the boy, who later saves your life and showers you with incandescent love.

Magic might be talking to a plant, saying words you love best, and planting the seeds of the third way to a possible future.

Magic might be finding the place that calls you on your stuff.

Magic might be a van looking for family.

Magic might be slipping into a body so different you have to grow up to understand it.

Magic might be a hug that allows you to release decades of hurt.

Whatever form it takes, it is sure to there to remind us that hurt is incomprehensible, but so is the healing that can come from a sudden moment of magic. 

It is an ancient philosophy, but it's hopeful message has made it a people's treasure throughout many centuries. And we still like it, and know it to be a deep truth. 

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