Tuesday, January 31, 2012

One brief glimpse of life

I visited Houston last week on a very quick trip. I usually am able to make time to visit the city, in addition to accomplishing whatever work has taken me there. That was not possible on this occasion. My view of Houston was limited to the view from my 12th floor hotel window and the sights from the taxi from there to Houston Community College. There was little that was inspiring in that downtown area, until we got to the college itself. All of a sudden, through the large bright windows in the college building on Main Street, I could see chefs at work, moving quickly around the teaching kitchens in their white jackets and white chef hats. I only caught what two were doing: one was whisking something in a stainless steel bowl, while another was pouring liquid from one bowl into another. What a great class to be taking first thing in the morning!

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