Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Main Street as Park

I visited a most unusual Main Street in Portland OR: the Park South Blocks, at the southwest edge of downtown Portland. 
Park South Blocks, bordered by an array of residences, commerce, and university buildings.
It is a long double allée, with curving paths, fountains, sculpture and grassy lawns. It is bordered on either side by roadways, and those, in turn are edged with buildings of fairly uniform height, but a surprising array of uses, from convenience stores to the historical society.  It is, in form, like the Ramblas in Barcelona.  Because of the dense canopy of trees, it is a sheltered and mystical spot, inviting passersby and lingerers.  I went to dinner there, getting a wonderful meal at a food truck, Tall Boy's Fish and Chips.  A young man stopped to order dinner.  I appreciated his tee shirt, which read, "All the good chemistry jokes Argon."  

While I was eating, another young man walked by with a large case -- perhaps a portfolio? I thought -- and a large box.  A few minutes later, I realized that he had set up an informal barbershop and was busy giving a trim.  
Barbershop in Park South.  
I liked Park South so much I went back in the morning.  I got a latte from Starbucks, which opens at 5am, and sat on a bench, watching the dog walkers.  Why do people let their dogs poop and pea on park grass, also used by people for yoga, and reading, and sleeping? I wondered.  A woman looked at my Starbucks and walked off with determination.  A few minutes later she reappeared with her Starbucks.  She raised it in solidarity and said, "I got some too!  I need it."  

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Lally said...

sounds like some place I'd like to be, well described mindy